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luckin coffee is a typical representative of China's new retail coffee and is committed to becoming China's leading high-quality coffee brand and professional coffee service provider. Relying on the preferred product raw materials, exquisite coffee craft, innovative business model and mobile internet technology, we strive to bring consumers a new experience of higher quality coffee consumption and promote the popularization of coffee culture in China


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YeShouShengHuo is a low-carbon water health management brand and advocates a low-carbon water healthy eating lifestyle. At present, YeShouShengHuo has two brands: "Ideal Fuel" is aimed at the core fat reduction and fitness population, featuring bulletproof coffee, energy bars, dietary fiber supplements and other functional foods. The "sugar-throwing" series, launched last year, aims at the general public who are pursuing a healthy diet and carries out non-saccharification transformation on staple foods and snacks with high starch and sugar content


series Angle

Tens of millions CNY



SOUP-PARTY is a take-away soup chain brand. The main ingredients are supplied directly from the place of origin, and a central kitchen and ecological farm are set up. All the soup is boiled with coconut. After the soup is made in the central kitchen, it is transported to all offline stores by the whole hot chain


series A

Nearly 100 million CNY


Coffee Box

Coffee Box is a chain coffee brand, which mainly provides coffee delivery service. Users can order coffee through WeChat code scanning and self - help. After online payment, the platform will provide coffee delivery service to users near the coffee shop and guarantee delivery within half an hour. Products include caramel latte, vanilla latte, Irish orange latte, etc

series B

206 million CNY



As a time-honored brand, LuRenJia halogen flavor continuously absorbs the excellent production experience of other brands and makes breakthroughs and innovations in the traditional halogen flavor. It adopts the scientific formula after the ancestral secret recipe has been improved, because the addition of many medicinal materials makes the marinade not only delicious but also healthy and nutritious, but also has many kinds of products and choices in the store, so consumers can always find their favorite delicatessen marinade

series A

Nearly 100 million CNY