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Ctrip is an online ticketing service company, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Shanghai, China. With more than 600,000 member hotels at home and abroad available for reservation, it is China's leading hotel reservation service center. In December 2003, XieCheng successfully listed on NASDAQ


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May 2015 250 million USD Undisclosed Ctrip announced another $ 250 million investment from Priceline


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Locals is positioned as an Internet sharing platform for elite residential buildings and is committed to creating elite residential buildings with the most local characteristics and local culture. The platform attracts and brings together many high-quality landlords and their unique and high-quality homes. The residential investment houses are mainly featured villas, historical buildings, quadrangles, arcades and high-grade residential buildings. Through these fine residential houses and landlords, consumers can create a unique travel experience of " traveling like locals and making friends with them


series A

100 million CNY



AsiaYo is a Taiwan residential rental platform, creating a reservation guide, providing multi-lingual customer service and multiple communication channels, and looking forward to more travelers creating their own unique travel colors by providing the best quality and smart travel options



series B

44.764761 million CNY



JiSu is a developer of outdoor accommodation space. Its products can be assembled, disassembled and moved freely through container standardization and modular building system. At the same time, it provides services such as appearance ban, energy supply, garbage recycling and service management. The user department will book the room through the mobile phone APP, pay the deposit and accommodation fee, and enter the identification number. At the same time, tourism-related information can be pushed according to different places


series Angle

2 million CNY



ShiLiLi was founded in 2013 and is keen to invest in the holiday industry. With the concept of " Pan Honeymoon", it will create a romantic honeymoon boutique hotel and a romantic habitat for lovers, couples and young families in the post - 80s and post - 90s generation


series B

100 million CNY



TuJia. com, which provides online reservations for residential accommodation, short-term rental, short rent apartment, daily rental, family hotel, etc. with domestic and foreign characteristics. More favorable price, more intimate service, accommodation reservation for apartment and residential quarters all over the world is in TuJia. TuJia, Home in Travel


series E

300 million USD