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OPPO is a camera phone brand chosen by more young people. In China, more and more young people choose OPPO camera phones. OPPO has been focusing on the technical innovation of camera phones and has created the era of " selfie beauty of mobile phones". More than 200 million young people around the world are using OPPO camera phones


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Intelligence 12 Research Briefs

<Editor's Pick>Why have all the phone manufacturers started making TVs?

Research Brief Oct 28, 2020

<Editor's Pick>Xiaomi is about to advance into the high-end market even though its IOT business shows weakness

Research Brief Apr 15, 2020

With the launch of 5G-based messaging service, can China's telecoms carriers challenge WeChat?

Research Brief Apr 10, 2020

Xiaomi surpasses Huawei and becomes the world's third-largest smartphone brand as smartphone sales tumble worldwide

Research Brief Mar 23, 2020

<Editor's Pick> Huawei Mobile Service - Huawei launches its alternative to GMS after being blocked last year from working with Google directly

Research Brief Feb 26, 2020

What is Xiaomi's advantage in AIoT competition with Vivo, Oppo and Huawei

Research Brief Jan 27, 2020

Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo – with the market expanding massively, the leading players compete in Southeast Asia

Research Brief Jan 10, 2020

The increase in sales of VIVO and OPPO is threatening the dominance of Xiaomi in the Indian smartphone market

Research Brief Nov 15, 2019

China's largest animation game show ChinaJoy is becoming a pan-entertainment platform

Research Brief Aug 13, 2019

<Editor's Pick>How did Lei Jun make his Xiaomi the youngest company on Fortune Global 500 list?

Research Brief Aug 07, 2019

Open stores like Apple------OPPO and VIVO are moving towards from township street shop to the shopping center

Research Brief Jun 11, 2019

Oppo's global expansion and its 5G ambitions

Research Brief Mar 19, 2019


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vivo is a mobile phone brand dedicated to the smartphone field. vivo and the fun - seeking, energetic, young and fashionable group are working together to create a smart product with excellent appearance, professional sound quality, extreme image and pleasant experience



nubia, a new high-end smartphone brand, is characterized by professional photography, extreme game experience and no borders. Its representative products include Red Devil's game phone, Z 18 Mini, Z 17S, etc., and its quality is guaranteed



Smartisan is a company that manufactures mobile Internet terminal equipment. The company's mission is to create first-class digital consumer products ( mainly smart phones ) with the spirit of perfectionism and improve people's quality of life


series Unknow

1000 million USD


One Plus

One Plus was forged by founder Liu Zuohu and a group of young people who love technology and mobile connectivity and have the ultimate pursuit of products and designs. From the very beginning, we resolved to " become a respected international brand" and the main product was One Plus mobile phone. In China, whether it is products or services, One Plus has gained good reputation from users. Overseas, One Plus's market has expanded to North America, Europe, India and Southeast Asia, and many international mainstream media have highly praised One Plus's first mobile phone



Xiaomi is a mobile Internet company focusing on the research and development of smart hardware and electronic products. It is also an innovative technology enterprise focusing on the construction of high-end smart phones, Internet TV and smart home ecological chains. " Born for Fever" is the product concept of Xiaomi. Xiaomi has also created a model of developing mobile phone operating system with Internet mode, and enthusiasts participate in the development and improvement



series Unknow

1000 million USD