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The BaoBaoWanYingYu curriculum system combines the direct method, TPR and CLT teaching theories proposed by many well-known linguists in Europe and the United States to develop a parent-led systematic course of professional English for young children in China, integrating specialty, science, interest and interaction. [ 2 ] The course is divided into 12 grades, and the form is characterized by interesting children's songs teaching and online class learning


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JiLiGuLa is an English learning application for children, providing English training for children aged 0 - 6 years, supporting daily results tracking, personalized content recommendation, teachers' detailed explanation of doubts, parents' exchange of ideas, etc


series B

Tens of millions USD



KaDa is a children's pan - IP platform with children's audio picture books as its entry point, with audio picture books as its flow product, with children's educational needs as its viscosity product, and with picture books as its profit product. The ultimate goal is to bring about the renaissance of Chinese children and become a platform for children's IP discovery and development, so that Chinese contemporary children's literature can go to the world


series A

Nearly 100 million CNY



DaDa ABC is a one-to-one online education platform focusing on English learning for young children aged 4 - 16. Using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to improve the teaching efficiency of online education. Immersed live interactive classroom can let the teachers in the screen stay in the real scene, let the children communicate confidently with English teachers from all over the world through the smooth network at home, so that English can truly become the competitiveness of the children


series D

255 million USD



KouDaiGuShi is a children's audio story platform. It is an audio broadcast app shared by children aged 0 - 12 years and parents. It is a collection of mass, genuine and original children's audio content for parents to choose from, covering children's stories, children's songs, English, Chinese studies, radio dramas and other categories


series B

30 million CNY



HaiKeTang, focusing on one-on-one online tutoring in primary and secondary schools, has been deeply involved in the education and tutoring industry for more than 30 years. Full - time teachers have carefully tutored and insisted on selecting experienced teachers from famous teams such as Tsinghua, Peking University, Fudan University and Jiaotong University to teach online. Research and development of " AEF" teaching, comprehensive updating of curriculum content, comprehensive upgrading of counseling platform, and more intimate service! Let the students stay indoors, attend classes easily and study efficiently!


series B

Tens of millions CNY