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NaiXueDeCha creates a new category model of " tea + soft European bag" with tea as the raw material and tea as the " leading role", which is different from the " supporting role" positioning in other bakeries. Naixue achieves the effect of " 1 + 1 > 2" for tea and bread


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XiXiang is a leading takeout catering service brand. Relying on the cooperation between people and machines, a professional team of chefs is responsible for the development of cooking methods and dishes. IT teams translate them into machine language through programming, and finally cook with intelligent production equipment. Users can order food through WeChat and other channels, and food can be served through starvation


series B

120 million CNY



BaMan is a restaurant chain brand, featuring offline sales and online community marketing of Hunan Changde beef rice noodles. The main products include stewed yellow beef rice noodles, spicy beef powder from Funiu Hall BaMan and beef powder from Funiu Hall BaMan, which users can purchase through physical stores or online flagship stores


series B

Tens of millions CNY

8/4/2018 was founded in Shanghai in 2008 and is China's leading local living platform. Up to now, ELeYao's online take-out trading platform has covered 2000 cities nationwide, with 1.3 million restaurants and 260 million users


series F

630 million USD



LiuShanMen mainly provides flexible supply chain solutions for catering chain and new retail enterprises. Through the central factory system, semi-finished products and quasi-finished products are customized for stores of different brands and delivered to stores through cold chain logistics, ready to use by heating


series A

Tens of millions CNY



ChaZhu is the main brand of Beijing ChaZhu Catering Management Co., Ltd. It is a small tea shop that has been operating for more than ten years and focuses on cooking healthy fresh milk tea, herb tea and pure tea. For more than ten years, Beijing ChaZhu headquarters has used the tea cooking method inherited from the " Tea Sutra" to cook drinks by hand using natural raw materials, with good taste


series A

Nearly ten million CNY