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FuLiaoYi is a B2B e-commerce platform, the main commodity is garment accessories, dedicated to providing services to garment companies and accessories suppliers, improving industry efficiency, optimizing industrial structure and sharing global accessories resources


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ICHUNT.COM is an IC industry third-party matchmaking platform, aggregating IC trading futures and spot market supplier resources, breaking certain information asymmetry by introducing online trader services. Shenzhen hunting core technology co., ltd's website


series B

160 million CNY



ZhangShangFuCai is a B2B shopping mall for decoration auxiliary materials. The platform directly purchases thousands of commonly used building auxiliary materials from manufacturers or first-class suppliers. After users place orders on the platform through ZhangShangFuCai's public number, APP, web page and 400 phone number, palm auxiliary will send professional teams to follow up and confirm information such as goods, prices and specifications. After completion, ZhangShangFuCai will ship the auxiliary materials from its own warehouse and be responsible for logistics transportation. The auxiliary materials will be transported to the site designated by the foreman for settlement






JiXieZhiJia is a B2B procurement platform for construction machinery spare parts, dedicated to the intellectualization and standardization of construction machinery spare parts trading. By integrating the inventory of upstream spare parts manufacturers and wholesalers, the platform provides one-stop inquiry, price comparison, procurement and logistics distribution services for downstream repair plants, repair technicians and equipment owners. At the same time, the platform builds its own EPC data system and uses standardized spare parts relational database and transaction system to carry out automatic quotation transactions, thus greatly improving procurement efficiency


series B

30 million CNY



itaobuxiu.com is the first stainless steel service-oriented e-commerce platform in the country to provide on-site quality inspection services, integrating spot trading, price comparison Purchasing, processing customization, warehousing logistics and other industrial chain services


series A

Tens of millions CNY



isuwang.com was established in September 2014 and positioned as " Digital Cloud Service Platform of Plasticizing Industry" and is a leading enterprise of plasticizing B2B in China, with its headquarters in Guangzhou and subsidiaries in Shanghai and Jiaxing, overseas U.S. and Hong Kong. From the perspective of transaction and supply chain finance, isuwang.com continuously precipitates user data through online core business, improves efficiency in a man-machine combination way, and gradually realizes intelligent operation


series C

Tens of millions USD