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ANT FINANCIAL is committed to building an open ecosystem with the vision of " making credit equal to wealth" and accelerating financial institutions and partners to " internet plus" through the " Internet Propulsion Program" to provide inclusive financial services for small and micro businesses and individual consumers. Relying on mobile connectivity, big data and cloud computing as the foundation, it is an important practice for China to practice inclusive finance


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Intelligence 18 Research Briefs

Alipay continues to rank first in China's mobile payment market with 55.1% share

Research Brief Apr 07, 2020

<Editor's Pick>How does the competitive food delivery industry work in India?

Research Brief Mar 16, 2020

<Editor's Pick>Payment giant Alipay launches a three-year plan to expand beyond payments

Research Brief Mar 11, 2020

As coronavirus outbreak, the so-called Black Swan event, is helping to accelerate digital transformation of Alibaba

Research Brief Feb 17, 2020

<Editor's Pick>Why did Alibaba further invest in bike-sharing start-up Hellobike

Research Brief Jan 21, 2020

Grab & Singtel, Razer and Ant Financial join the stiff race of Singapore digital banking license bid

Research Brief Jan 06, 2020

Hema takes on Alibaba's new retail and new consumption task, does it mean that the era of Hema is coming?

Research Brief Dec 24, 2019

<Editor's Pick>Where did the money from Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu go in 2019? Is capital winter coming?

Research Brief Dec 18, 2019

RMB 268.4 billion - a look at Alibaba’s “Double 11” shopping spree

Research Brief Nov 18, 2019

<Editor's Pick> Revenue up 40% and profits triple, what can we get from Alibaba's Q3 financial report?

Research Brief Nov 13, 2019

The Blockchain raises upsurge again in China

Research Brief Nov 12, 2019

<Editor's Pick>Ant Financial: the most patented company in the world of blockchain technology

Research Brief Oct 30, 2019

How much money does Ant Financial make and how does it make money?

Research Brief Sep 01, 2019

Face-scan payment:More imagination in front of the checkout counter

Research Brief May 07, 2019

<Editor's Pick>How to build a 1-billion-user super app ? Zhang Xiaolong may know the answer

Research Brief May 01, 2019

<Editor's Pick>How does Alibaba become the king of taxpayer in China?

Research Brief Apr 17, 2019

China's top 10 unicorns in estimated values 2018

Research Brief Feb 21, 2019

Alipay versus WeChat Pay: a 5-year battle between Chinese payment giants

Research Brief Dec 14, 2018


Competitors 7 Competitors
Company Industry Series Amount Announced Date


EASY TRANSFER has connected thousands of overseas universities and hundreds of educational institutions in China. A service system specially designed for Chinese families studying abroad, including direct connection of colleges and universities, full-course fund tracking and one-to-one consultant guidance, does not need to queue up and fill in cumbersome telegraphic transfer forms. Set simple, convenient and affordable, it has been recognized by the majority of study abroad families since it was launched




series B

Nearly 100 million CNY



HYPERCHAIN was established in 2016 and is an international leading block chain team. The core competitiveness of the company is the domestic autonomous controllable block chain bottom technology, namely the Hyperchain bottom technology platform, which ranks first in the technical evaluation of several large and medium-sized financial institutions and is also the first bottom platform to pass the block chain standard tests of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Institute of Information Technology, and has applied for 24 patents in the relevant fields of block chain


series B

1500 million CNY



QuDian was established in April 2014 and is the leader in technology and finance, China. Through big data to drive technological innovation, create value for financial institutions and provide standardized, transparent and personalized consumer financial products and services for hundreds of millions of high-quality users who cannot obtain services from traditional channels


JinFuZi is committed to providing private placement information display, search and comparison, product purchase, road show live broadcast, net value inquiry and other services to investors through professional Internet technology and fund research and analysis capabilities, so as to improve investment quality with technology

Financial Service

series D




BuBi is a leading domestic block chain financial technology company, focusing on the innovation of block chain technology and products, has already owned dozens of core patented technologies, developed a highly scalable, high-performance and high-availability block chain basic service platform, and has the ability to quickly build upper-level application business to meet the needs of large-scale users


Financial Service

series A

100 million CNY



FUDATA.CN is an industry-leading big data intelligent service provider, focusing on providing credit scoring services for financial institutions, identifying fraud risks, gaining insight into source data DNA, and escorting Internet financial business

Artificial Intelligence

Corporate Service

series B

Nearly 100 million CNY



MeiLiCheJinRong is an Internet financial platform focusing on consumer finance. In terms of platform operation and fund management strength, the core team has more than 3 years of service experience in the Internet financial field, with a high and stable team engagement and a cumulative asset management scale of more than 10 billion yuan. The senior management team has rich experience in cross-border financial and Internet industries, with key members from TPG, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Baidu, sogou and other well-known domestic and foreign companies


Financial Service

series B

92 million USD