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Cloud J Tech is the first start-up company in China to develop its own data center operating system. Under the current environment, what enterprise users need is a more comprehensive " data center operating system", which can manage the " stand - alone operating system", " virtualized operating system" and " data center operating system" in a unified way, and at the same time can manage all the process specifications, technical tools, personnel organization and business of the data center operation to form a unified data center management platform



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XSKY is a technology company that focuses on software-defined infrastructure. Entrepreneurs come from the core R & D team of international first-line Internet companies and IT leaders. XSKY's products combine the operation and maintenance experience of large-scale Internet architecture, mainstream open source technology and best practices of enterprise's key businesses to provide customers with high-performance and high-reliability data storage solutions, and serve as promoters of open source storage technology to give back to the community

Corporate Service

series C

240 million CNY



VACKBOT is a software product service provider in the cloud computing era. Based on the basic industry development platform, VACKBOT has realized the construction of logistics, e-commerce and cloud architecture technology systems, and has opened the basic platform products to the market in an orderly manner. With the Internet architecture and technology as the core, the company provides an integrated solution for Internet application development platform and e-commerce and logistics platforms. It has successively launched the Internet distributed system development platform pamirs platform, sequence e-commerce platform, sequence logistics platform, data monitoring and analysis platform and sequence cloud operation and maintenance platform

Corporate Service

series A

60 million CNY



DaZhangGui positions international logistics SaaS tool providers to help international logistics enterprises improve efficiency and reduce costs. By providing SaaS tools, freight forwarders can help them bring all the standardized links in the whole business chain online

Corporate Service

series A

Tens of millions CNY


YunShan Networks

YunShan Networks takes SDN as its core, based on x86 technology and open network equipment, solves the problems of network virtualization, network monitoring and analysis, and network security in complex heterogeneous cloud environments from the dimensions of deeper network traffic collection, more efficient network data analysis, and more intelligent control strategies, provides a unified network solution for mainstream cloud platforms, drives the automation of data center operation and maintenance management, and helps customers build a more secure and efficient data center network platform, becoming a typical scenario for SDN landing

Corporate Service

series B

11 million USD



TaoCloud is a professional manufacturer specializing in the research and development of software-defined storage systems and product services such as ServerSAN, distributed file systems, high-performance NAS, etc. it is committed to providing users with efficient and intelligent storage and data management solutions


series A

Tens of millions CNY