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haoyunhu56 helps you find the most suitable car and solves the price, safety and convenience of your logistics transportation in one stop. The platform is committed to changing the traditional logistics industry model through " internet plus Logistics" and providing a bridge for communication between customers and carriers with online products. So as to optimize the matching of goods with cars and ships in the bulk cargo market, save enterprise costs, contribute to urban transportation and urban environment, and help China's industrial reform


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YunCheGuanJia is a commercial vehicle transportation service platform, focusing on providing users with commercial vehicle transportation services, integrating, screening and reorganizing departure resources and transportation resources, and serving car shippers and carriers through real-time stowage, whole-process visual mobile monitoring, whole-process safety guarantee, etc


series A

Tens of millions CNY



Duckbill is a container road transport service platform based on mobile Internet, providing standardized and specialized container road transport services for international freight forwarders and factories


series Unknow

50 million USD



YUNGEHUO is a platform that provides door-to-door cargo transportation for cargo owners ( belonging to Shenzhen Tainiu Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. ), supports a variety of cargo transportation modes, such as door - to - door, port - to - port, port - to - door or single trailer services, and makes intelligent quotation and open and transparent charges in the whole process of platform ordering, aiming to improve efficiency through technical means, break the market barriers of cargo industry and eliminate middlemen to earn price difference, so as to reduce cargo transportation costs and improve transportation efficiency, and truly achieve " efficient, convenient and punctual" cargo transportation services for cargo owners


series A

Hundreds of millions CNY



lanxiniu.com is a P2P mode of intra-city freight logistics service platform. Users can directly order cars online and deliver them to the city within 2 hours


series B

25 million USD



Through the in-depth research on the combination of intelligent algorithm and logistics platform technology, it is intended to link people, vehicles and goods together through big data and the Internet, accurately match online intelligence with professional matching teams to maximize the matching of dangerous goods logistics vehicles and goods, reduce the empty driving rate and improve the freight efficiency of dangerous goods industry. Relying on the gathering of data, zhaoguanche.com spared no effort to promote the optimization process of online, digital and intelligent operation of hazardous chemicals logistics and contribute its own strength to the development of China's hazardous chemicals logistics industry



series A

Millions USD