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QINGTENG takes server security as its core, adopts an adaptive security architecture, integrates forecasting, defense, monitoring and response capabilities, constructs a security situation awareness platform based on the host side, provides users with continuous security monitoring, analysis and rapid response capabilities, and helps users achieve unified security policy management, effectively predict risks, accurately sense threats, improve response efficiency, and comprehensively protect the security of enterprise digital assets and efficient business development under diversified business environments such as public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, physical machine, and virtual machine


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Enlink is a cloud security access agent CASB system service provider. With network security as its core business, it launched EN Link CASBS products to help enterprise customers protect the security requirements of PC + mobile service access for SaaS usage environment


Corporate Service

series B

Nearly 100 million CNY



HuaShunXinAn is an Internet security company focusing on security big data and network space mapping, mainly engaged in technology and product research and development in the field of network information security, providing technical support for national network security and providing top-level network information security protection services for government and enterprise users

Corporate Service

series Unknow

Tens of millions CNY


Threat Hunter

Threat Hunter is an innovative security company that takes business intelligence capability as its core and provides anti-fraud basic intelligence related products and solutions

Corporate Service

series Unknow

Tens of millions CNY



GLOTECH is a rising star of artificial intelligence innovation enterprises, committed to applying computer vision technology and big data technology to social security and information security, and providing customers with advanced solutions to meet the needs of actual scenarios

Artificial Intelligence

series C

300 million CNY



CHANGYANG TECH is a provider of industrial Internet of Things security solutions. It has launched seven product lines, including security protection, monitoring and auditing, vulnerability scanning and mining, security detection tools, industrial terminal security, security situational awareness and industrial big data, and is committed to providing customers with perfect industrial Internet of Things security solutions

Corporate Service

series E

100 million CNY