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KuanDengKeJi is committed to promoting the wide application of automatic driving through the intelligent crowdsourcing high-precision map business model. The core technologies include in-depth learning, image recognition, 3D vision, intelligent robots, map building and big data cloud services based on this. The company was founded by Liu Jun, former vice president of Baidu and head of LBS business cluster. The core technology team is dominated by the world's top famous universities with artificial intelligence, big data and map background, and comes from the core technology executives of famous universities such as Tsinghua, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Stanford and Massachusetts University, as well as famous Internet companies such as Google and BAT. The company has strong technological innovation ability and deep technological accumulation. The company's professional intelligent acquisition team has traveled on various main roads in our country, reached a consensus on product cooperation with several car factories, and committed itself to jointly commercialize the automatic driving technology. At present, the company has completed several hundred million yuan of financing from IDG capital


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YIHANG.AI is the only domestic supplier of automatic driving solutions capable of fault diagnosis, focusing on the field of artificial intelligence, insisting on practical work, continuing innovation and promoting industry progress

series B

100 million CNY



BORDRIN is an intelligent electric vehicle research and development company, relying on chassis platform, vehicle performance, three-power technology, lightweight technology and the core of intelligent driving system scheme, focusing on the design and development of medium and high-end electric vehicles, intelligent vehicle systems and vehicle networking services, and dedicated to providing users with safe and reliable intelligent electric vehicle product experience


series Unknow

2500 million CNY



FABU is an artificial intelligence enterprise dedicated to the research and development of driverless and auxiliary driving related technologies. With independent intellectual property rights, FABU is China's leading intelligent driving system supplier and technology service provider


Artificial Intelligence

series A

Tens of millions USD



HoloMatic is a start-up company engaged in the development of the frontier field of automatic driving, focusing on creating an automatic driving scheme based on frontier artificial intelligence technology and automobile industry technology. HoloMatic has a complete layout from vehicle wire control and multi-sensor technology to the core algorithm module of upper-level automatic driving, and is one of the few companies with full stack automatic driving research and development capability. At the same time, HoloMatic's plan is directly aimed at mass production and strives to realize industrialization quickly

Artificial Intelligence


series A




ANZHI AUTO is based on the field of driver assistance system and related active safety systems. Its business focuses on the design and development of the overall scheme of the system and provides mass production products of multi-functional cameras and radar systems. To provide "localized" products suitable for domestic traffic conditions and driver characteristics for self-branded cars


series A

Tens of millions CNY