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WaiJiaoYi aims to empower China's second, third and fourth-line training institutions and provide them with high-quality and reliable solutions to live online foreign teachers' classroom teaching. It is the leader of the " online foreign teachers' double qualification" model


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Dingdong Class

Dingdong Class is an online learning platform for children's English, mainly for users aged 5 - 10. Based on the trinity of pre-class strong preview, in-class strong interaction and after-class strong feedback, as well as online AI interactive teaching methods, it provides online U.S. primary school teaching courses for users with game-based enlightenment and junior English, aiming to improve students' enthusiasm for learning and English proficiency

Artificial Intelligence


series B

Tens of millions USD



Acadsoc.com.cn aims to open a new door to China's online training market, which has always been " closed to outsiders", so that domestic English learners can directly and seamlessly contact with frontline English teachers to learn authentic English, break the traditional English learning mode of Chinese teaching Chinese and listening to audio and video recordings, and enable learners to get rid of " dumb English" and " pidgin accent", so that they can apply what they have learned and communicate directly with foreigners


series C



Micro Language

Micro Language is a leading one-to-one foreign teacher oral English learning platform focusing on Internet education services. The one-stop solution successfully helped 400 + institutions to successfully own their own online foreign teacher oral English learning platform and provide high-quality services for more than 40,000 + primary and middle school students. Micro Language is the best partner for traditional K12 educational institutions to transform and quickly have online educational attributes


series B

50 million CNY



AIRUS is an online small-class brand for children's English, focusing on the simultaneous reinforcement and improvement of English education services for primary schools aged 4-12. AIRUS mainly provides 1V4 online foreign teachers' small classes, and solves the teaching effect problem with the three fixed modes of "fixed European and American foreign teachers+Chinese teaching, fixed classes, fixed time


series A

Tens of millions CNY



Mr.Zebra is the most systematic, professional and authoritative " pre - school 3 - 6 year old" English teaching system developed by China and the United States for children from non - English speaking countries. To carry out natural and painless English enlightenment and cultivate students' interest in English learning


series Angle

Tens of millions CNY