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DaoYuanKeTang brings together top-ranking teachers from across the country and outstanding students from Tsinghua of Peking University, carefully creates Internet teaching products and services, provides innovative Internet teaching products and services for schools, educational institutions and parents and customers all over the country, and enables students from all over the country to have more equitable access to good educational content and resources


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Intelligent Future

Intelligent Future is committed to providing China's K12 education and higher vocational education with the most advanced AI technology and the best AI courses and services. It has created a systematic artificial intelligence personnel training mode with teachers and students as two subjects, and has interpreted the diversified and subversive teaching experience presented by the artificial intelligence curriculum in multiple dimensions

Artificial Intelligence


series A

Tens of millions CNY



YiMiFuDao is an app that focuses on extracurricular tutoring in primary and secondary schools and realizes one-to-one interactive learning for real people online. Gathering lecturers from well-known universities all over the country, we are not limited by time and region, and truly realize zero-distance communication. YiMiFuDao is a leading mobile Internet organization in China, founded by senior education experts in Tsinghua


series C

15 million USD



WECODE is an online programming learning platform that provides online video courses and online live tutoring for teenagers around the world. The company is committed to using the power of science and technology to make the process of learning programming easier and more interesting for children


Artificial Intelligence

series A

Millions USD



NSI is a multilateral media platform jointly created by international school industry experts, with new media as the carrier, industry research as the core and industry service as the platform. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the study of China's international school industry and has a profound understanding of China's international schools



Tens of millions CNY


Coding Garden

Coding Garden is a K12 programming one-on-one teaching platform, integrating teaching contents into novel and interesting graded game tasks, visual cartoon images of knowledge programming, inspiring children to use what they have learned through games, and imperceptibly completing the digestion and absorption of what they have learned


series A

Tens of millions CNY