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ManBangJiTuan is composed of two companies, Jiangsu Yunman and Guiyang Freight Car Company, which will reduce the empty driving rate of truck drivers and improve the freight efficiency through big data and artificial intelligence to create a super data platform connecting people, cars and goods


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CheManMan is committed to improving the informatization level of hundreds of thousands of logistics companies in China. With the help of collaborative logistics cloud SaaS platform+mobile end products, it solves the problem of waybill circulation from billing to signing. In the future, it will focus on providing logistics companies with a one-stop solution integrating information flow, logistics and capital flow

Corporate Service



70 million CNY


Through the in-depth research on the combination of intelligent algorithm and logistics platform technology, it is intended to link people, vehicles and goods together through big data and the Internet, accurately match online intelligence with professional matching teams to maximize the matching of dangerous goods logistics vehicles and goods, reduce the empty driving rate and improve the freight efficiency of dangerous goods industry. Relying on the gathering of data, spared no effort to promote the optimization process of online, digital and intelligent operation of hazardous chemicals logistics and contribute its own strength to the development of China's hazardous chemicals logistics industry



series A

Millions USD



LOGISTICS FINANCE is a financial service provider in the logistics industry, positioning itself on the logistics big data intelligent service platform and providing one-stop big data intelligent services for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in the logistics industry, logistics trading platforms, logistics SaaS tools, logistics supply chains and other enterprise ecological environments, including intelligent financial services, intelligent centralized procurement services, intelligent fiscal and taxation services, intelligent management consulting, intelligent credit rating and so on


Corporate Service

series Angle

8 million CNY



YiMiDiDa is a supply chain management company, which uses network crowdfunding, capacity crowdsourcing and other operation modes, and uses information systems as a link to bring together regional logistics networks and special line companies to realize distribution without blind spots at the end, belonging to Shanghai YiMiDiDa Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd


series D

1000 million CNY



ShangQiaoWuLiu is a transparent management platform for LTL logistics. In the form of self - management, trusteeship and alliance, it quickly forms a distribution center network with distribution centers as nodes and open services for third-party small and medium-sized micro-service providers nationwide through light assets, strong management and heavy operation


series A

250 million CNY