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VIPKID is a children's international education brand owned by Rice Future Technology Co., Ltd .. We are committed to creating an authentic one-to-one online American primary school classroom for' interesting, independent and curious' new parents and older children. Our vision is:' Science and technology make education more humane


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Mr.Zebra is the most systematic, professional and authoritative " pre - school 3 - 6 year old" English teaching system developed by China and the United States for children from non - English speaking countries. To carry out natural and painless English enlightenment and cultivate students' interest in English learning


series Angle

Tens of millions CNY



JiLiGuLa is an English learning application for children, providing English training for children aged 0 - 6 years, supporting daily results tracking, personalized content recommendation, teachers' detailed explanation of doubts, parents' exchange of ideas, etc


series C

Nearly 100 million USD



HuJiangWang is a professional Internet learning platform, dedicated to providing users with convenient and high-quality learning information, learning communities, learning tools and teaching platforms and other online learning products and services, covering a wide range of contents such as primary and secondary school children, language, study abroad, workplace, interests and so on


series D

100 million USD



The BaoBaoWanYingYu curriculum system combines the direct method, TPR and CLT teaching theories proposed by many well-known linguists in Europe and the United States to develop a parent-led systematic course of professional English for young children in China, integrating specialty, science, interest and interaction. [ 2 ] The course is divided into 12 grades, and the form is characterized by interesting children's songs teaching and online class learning



series B

150 million CNY


Dingdong Class

Dingdong Class is an online learning platform for children's English, mainly for users aged 5 - 10. Based on the trinity of pre-class strong preview, in-class strong interaction and after-class strong feedback, as well as online AI interactive teaching methods, it provides online U.S. primary school teaching courses for users with game-based enlightenment and junior English, aiming to improve students' enthusiasm for learning and English proficiency

Artificial Intelligence


series B

Tens of millions USD