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RenRenChe was founded in April 2014 and has developed into a comprehensive automobile trading service platform integrating used cars, new car trading, financial services and after-sales services through its pioneering C2C trading model


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PingDengCheShi is a second-hand car B2B trading platform dedicated to improving the operational efficiency of second-hand car trading. Users can browse used car model information, quotation, insurance and so on through the platform, and can communicate online for buying and selling. In addition, the platform also provides users with technical support services. Belonging to Shanghai bu gu information technology co., ltd



series Angle

Tens of millions CNY



KuaiShangChe is a third-party trading platform for second-hand cars, focusing on helping second-hand car dealers to find the real source of cars, aiming at enabling second-hand car dealers and second-hand car dealers to have a third-party platform and providing convenient tools and platforms for second-hand car dealers and brokers. KuaiShangChe mainly provides vehicle maintenance and insurance inquiry, accident insurance inquiry, reservation guarantee, customer management, on-line purchase, message and other functions for car dealers and brokers, and is committed to making it more convenient to collect and buy cars


series Angle

12 million CNY



Guazi Chengdu used cars face to face with individual buyers and sell good cars at a good price. GuaZiErShouChe has passed 259 tests with no accidents and high-quality individual used cars. The quality guarantee can be refunded for one year in 14 days. GuaZiErShouChe is the first choice for individual used car sales


series Unknow

300 million USD