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Negative ${lastRankDetail.sentiment_pages.length} com is the only training institution for overseas examinations hatched in innovation works. The teacher recommended English for overseas students to provide high-quality and cost-effective language examination training and full-course learning hosting services for overseas students


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meten is an English education chain training company. Its curriculum categories include five major categories: General English, Overseas Examination, Overseas Study, Junior English and International High School. It also provides a two-platform teaching mode of offline direct camp + online live broadcast


series C

300 million CNY



HuJiangWang is a professional Internet learning platform, dedicated to providing users with convenient and high-quality learning information, learning communities, learning tools and teaching platforms and other online learning products and services, covering a wide range of contents such as primary and secondary school children, language, study abroad, workplace, interests and so on


series D

100 million USD



Mr.Zebra is the most systematic, professional and authoritative " pre - school 3 - 6 year old" English teaching system developed by China and the United States for children from non - English speaking countries. To carry out natural and painless English enlightenment and cultivate students' interest in English learning


series Angle

Tens of millions CNY


Dingdong Class

Dingdong Class is an online learning platform for children's English, mainly for users aged 5 - 10. Based on the trinity of pre-class strong preview, in-class strong interaction and after-class strong feedback, as well as online AI interactive teaching methods, it provides online U.S. primary school teaching courses for users with game-based enlightenment and junior English, aiming to improve students' enthusiasm for learning and English proficiency

Artificial Intelligence


series B

Tens of millions USD



KaoChong is a professional online live learning brand for college students, focusing on CET - 4 and 6, IELTS, TOEFL, CET - 4 and 8, practical English and public examinations, and providing complete test learning solutions such as CET - 4 and 6, postgraduate, IELTS live courses, TOEFL live courses, live courses for CET - 4 and 8, live courses for practical English, live courses for public examinations, supporting materials, in-class tests for online mock examinations and ability evaluation reports


series D

55 million USD