P2P Sharing economy Model of Freight Logistics O2O Platform

The application of Didi's business model to the field of freight logistics, with truck drivers on one side and customers in demand on the other, seems to have great prospects.

Updated in November-20, 2018
G7 Logistics

Dec 16, 2018 Strategy 320 million USD

G7 is an industry-leading intelligent Internet of Things company. Based on intelligent terminals, it has changed the traditional operation mode of the logistics industry in a digital way. As of April 2017, the total number of connected vehicles has exceeded 400,000, serving more than 30,000 customers, and the types of customers cover all logistics fields such as express delivery, express transportation, urban distribution, professional transportation, contract logistics, etc

HuoLaLa Logistics

Feb 23, 2019 series D 300 million USD

HuoLaLa, with its business orientation of city-wide real-time trucking, aims to integrate social transport resources and build a fast, affordable, secure and professional city-wide freight trading platform. Shippers can quickly match nearby truck resources and obtain high-quality freight services at low prices through HuoLaLa platform. The vast number of truck drivers can also use HuoLaLa to quickly receive customer demand, greatly improving the utilization efficiency of trucks, and thus obtain more generous income returns

otms Logistics

Dec 28, 2018 series C Undisclosed

otms is a service provider for the freight and transportation industry, providing a SaaS - based community transportation system, bringing together shippers, third-party logistics companies, transportation companies, drivers and final consignees

HuoCheBang Logistics Transportation

Aug 17, 2017 series B 56 million USD

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lanxiniu.com Logistics

Aug 28, 2015 series B 25 million USD

lanxiniu.com is a P2P mode of intra-city freight logistics service platform. Users can directly order cars online and deliver them to the city within 2 hours

YunManMan Logistics

Nov 17, 2017 series D 120 million USD

YunManMan is a free mobile phone truck distribution platform based on mobile Internet technology, dedicated to the road transport industry, providing comprehensive information and trading services for truck search (distribution) and truck search (consignment

YunCheGuanJia Logistics

Apr 19, 2017 series A Tens of millions CNY

YunCheGuanJia is a commercial vehicle transportation service platform, focusing on providing users with commercial vehicle transportation services, integrating, screening and reorganizing departure resources and transportation resources, and serving car shippers and carriers through real-time stowage, whole-process visual mobile monitoring, whole-process safety guarantee, etc