The unlisted company evaluated at more than $1billion--Unicorns

Criteria: 1. Have get private equity investment without listing; 2. Enterprise evaluation exceeded $1 billion (listed companies have been excluded)

Updated in November-21, 2018
RenRenChe Transportation E-commerce

Apr 27, 2018 series E 300 million USD

RenRenChe was founded in April 2014 and has developed into a comprehensive automobile trading service platform integrating used cars, new car trading, financial services and after-sales services through its pioneering C2C trading model

MaiMai Social Network

Aug 22, 2018 series D 200 million USD

MaiMai, China's leading real-name social platform in the workplace, uses scientific algorithms to expand people's contacts in the workplace, lower the business social threshold and realize exchanges and cooperation in all walks of life

SoYoung E-commerce Healthcare

Sep 04, 2018 series E 70 million USD

SoYoung is a popular medical beauty website and mobile app, providing community, comment and online sale on plastic surgery, micro - plastic surgery, laser skin beauty and tooth beauty. The platform has 5,000 plastic hospitals and nearly 10,000 plastic doctors, covering mainland China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions

MOMENTA Artificial Intelligence

Oct 19, 2018 series B 200 million USD

MOMENTA is an auto-driving company, dedicated to building an auto-driving brain, providing environment awareness based on in-depth learning, high-precision maps and driving decision-making algorithms, making it possible for unmanned driving

YiQiZuoYeWang Education

Mar 07, 2018 series E 200 million USD

YiQiZuoYeWang is the world's leading K12 intelligent education platform. With the mission of " making learning a better experience", education science and technology together is committed to providing more efficient and better products and experiences for the school, family and social education scene in K12 stage with advanced education science and technology, high-quality education content and continuous education enthusiasm, thus opening a new era of intelligent education

tuya Artificial Intelligence

Jul 28, 2018 series C 200 million USD

tuya, a global intelligent platform, provides intelligent home appliances, intelligent appliances, intelligent electricians, intelligent lighting, intelligent security, intelligent entertainment, intelligent health, intelligent wearing and intelligent one-stop artificial intelligence Internet of Things solutions for the whole house

DXY Healthcare

Dec 28, 2020 series Unknow 500 million USD

DXY is a medical field connector and professional service provider in the digital field, connecting hospitals, doctors, patients, pharmaceutical companies and insurance through professional authoritative content sharing platform, rich and comprehensive data accumulation and standardized high-quality medical services, covering tens of millions of public users

YiDianZiXun Entertainment

Oct 29, 2019 Strategy Undisclosed

YiDianZiXun is a highly intelligent news information application, through which you can search for and subscribe to any keywords, it will automatically help you aggregate and update relevant information in real time, and at the same time, it will intelligently analyze your interests and interests and recommend interesting content for you

luckin coffee E-commerce

Apr 16, 2021 series Unknow 250 million USD

luckin coffee is a typical representative of China's new retail coffee and is committed to becoming China's leading high-quality coffee brand and professional coffee service provider. Relying on the preferred product raw materials, exquisite coffee craft, innovative business model and mobile internet technology, we strive to bring consumers a new experience of higher quality coffee consumption and promote the popularization of coffee culture in China

DianWoDa Logistics

Jul 22, 2016 series D 1000 million CNY

DianWoDa is an instant delivery logistics service provider, providing users with online life information platform and offline instant delivery logistics services. The company is committed to solving the immediate logistics problems such as city flower express delivery, vegetable distribution and fruit distribution, and has opened restaurant takeout, supermarket takeout and errands

Linklogis Corporate Service Financial Service

Jan 10, 2020 series C Undisclosed

Linklogis is a supply chain financial service provider. The company establishes a wind control model and a scoring model based on the operation data of the supply chain and small and micro enterprises, provides a picture of the real operation status of small and micro enterprises, and outputs services such as data analysis, risk control and product design

LuoJiSiWei Entertainment

Oct 20, 2015 series B 1320 million CNY

LuoJiSiWei, knowledge service provider and operator, the speaker is Luo Zhenyu, and LuoJiSiWei includes WeChat public subscription number and knowledge talk show video programs

AiJiaShengHuo E-commerce

Sep 18, 2018 series B 1000 million CNY

AiJiaShengHuo is committed to creating the ultimate home life e-commerce service, providing a complete set of home O2O solutions, providing home decoration, creative home, home decoration, home accessories, home design, fashion home, love home on AiJiaShengHuo

HuJiang Entertainment

HuJiang is a professional Internet learning platform, dedicated to providing users with convenient and high-quality learning information, learning communities, learning tools, teaching platforms and other online learning products and services, covering a wide range of contents such as primary and secondary school children, language, study abroad, workplace, interests and so on

ShouQiYueChe Transportation

Nov 20, 2017 series B 700 million CNY

ShouQiYueChe is a rental car platform. Since its launch, it is striving to create the first brand of customized car service. At present, the company is exploring the markets in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, and plans to vigorously promote them nationwide in the future to become advocates of intelligent transportation. The company's special vehicles will all use the vehicles formally leased by large leasing companies and cooperate with professional driver service companies to provide customers with a brand-new on-call car experience through the use of mobile internet and big data technology

YiJiuPi E-commerce

Aug 21, 2019 series Unknow 80 million USD

YiJiuPi is a B2B e-commerce platform for drinks. It provides a comprehensive information trading platform for wine terminal store owners to inquire about products, purchase goods and introduce new products with high profits

Medlinker Healthcare

Aug 01, 2018 series D 1000 million USD

Medlinker is a mobile platform based on real-name authentication, academic social interaction and free practice used by doctors. The users of Medlinker platform are all real-name certified professional doctors. In Medlinker, doctors can share cases, discuss academic matters, communicate with others in clinic, and make visits to surgery. Medlinker, helping doctors to establish a comprehensive and benign personal brand, provides free practice services for doctors and builds an efficient and professional platform

LEAPMOTOR Artificial Intelligence Transportation

Jan 28, 2021 series B 4300 million CNY

LEAPMOTOR is a research and development manufacturer of electric vehicles, dedicated to the research and development of new energy vehicles with environmental protection, safety and technology. The company's business scope covers the development of three electric systems, the research and development, production and sales of electric vehicles, and provides vehicle networking solutions based on cloud computing

KuaiKanManHua Entertainment

Jun 10, 2021 series Unknow 90 million USD

KuaiKanManHua is a youth book for young people. Here is the freshest and most interesting cartoon book to watch online. It talks about more topics and replies from a large number of netizens, gathering the best content because we understand you and read cartoons on KuaiKanManHua

AiHuiShou E-commerce

Sep 23, 2020 series E Undisclosed

AiHuiShou is a professional electronic digital product recycling platform in China, focusing on digital electronic product recycling for 7 years. It has tens of millions of users and hundreds of stores across the country, recycling face to face and paying on the spot. At the same time, it also supports a variety of recycling methods, such as one-click door-to-door recycling and free express delivery recycling, to provide users with more convenient and regular recycling methods Transportation

Sep 15, 2018 series E 450 million USD is a professional e-commerce platform for automobile maintenance, specializing in tire, engine oil, automobile maintenance, automobile beauty and automobile products, providing customers with " online reservation + offline installation" for car maintenance

MeiRiYouXian E-commerce

Dec 09, 2020 Strategy 2000 million CNY

MeiRiYouXian is a mobile e-commerce focused on high-quality fresh food, committed to restructuring the supply chain, linking high-quality fresh food producers and consumers, and providing users with the ultimate fresh e-commerce service experience

Tubatu E-commerce

Mar 10, 2015 series C 200 million USD

Tubatu is a representative Internet home improvement platform in China. It can provide one-stop services such as home improvement design, construction enterprise recommendation, third-party decoration fund custody, decoration quality inspection, home furnishing e-commerce and so on. It has always been committed to providing a beautiful and warm living environment for thousands of families

ZhiHu Entertainment Social Network

Aug 14, 2019 series F 450 million USD

ZhiHu is a well-known knowledge sharing platform for the Chinese Internet. With the vision of " knowledge connecting everything", it is committed to building a knowledge sharing network that can be easily accessed by everyone, so that people can easily share knowledge, experience and opinions with the world and discover a larger world

YiTu Artificial Intelligence

Mar 22, 2020 series Unknow 30 million USD

YiTu is engaged in innovative research on artificial intelligence and is committed to combining advanced artificial intelligence technology with industrial applications to build a safer, healthier and more convenient world. At present, technology has been used in security, finance, transportation, medical and other industries

ZuoYeBang Entertainment Education

Dec 28, 2020 series E 1600 million USD

ZuoYeBang is committed to providing all-round learning counseling services for primary and middle school students nationwide. Up to now, ZuoYeBang has more than 300 million users and is the leading brand of online education in primary and middle schools

MeiCaiWang E-commerce

Oct 10, 2018 series Unknow 1000 million USD

MeiCaiWang is an early mobile e-commerce of agricultural products in China with a good reputation. MeiCaiWang covers fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, frozen products, seasonings, cooked food, drinks, daily necessities, etc. Professional distribution and service team, MeiCaiWang, let the whole nation eat safe food

WangYiYunYinLe Entertainment

Nov 14, 2018 Strategy 2000 million CNY

WangYiYunYinLe is a music product focused on discovery and sharing, relying on professional musicians, DJ, friends' recommendation and social functions to create a new music life for users

DiDi Transportation

May 29, 2020 series Unknow 500 million USD

DiDi is a one-stop travel platform covering many businesses such as taxis, special cars, express trains, hitchhikers, surrogates and buses

VIPKID Entertainment Education

Oct 09, 2019 series E 150 million USD

VIPKID is a children's international education brand owned by Rice Future Technology Co., Ltd .. We are committed to creating an authentic one-to-one online American primary school classroom for' interesting, independent and curious' new parents and older children. Our vision is:' Science and technology make education more humane

DJI Hardware

Jun 01, 2015 series C 75 million USD

DJI is committed to becoming a pioneer in the global flight imaging system. Since its establishment in 2006, its customers have spread to more than 100 countries and regions around the world

KuaiShou Entertainment

Dec 03, 2019 series F 3000 million USD

KuaiShou is a short video community, a platform for recording and sharing life. Here, seeing the real and interesting world and finding people who are interested in you can also make the world find the real and interesting yourself

SenseTime Artificial Intelligence

Jan 27, 2021 IPO Undisclosed

SenseTime is the world's leading AI platform company and " the world's most valuable AI innovation enterprise". The company's total financing amount is over US $ 1.6 billion, with a valuation of over US $ 4.5 billion. With the mission of " insisting on originality and letting AI lead human progress", we have established the world's top and independently developed in-depth learning supercomputing center and a series of AI technologies, including face recognition, image recognition, text recognition, medical image recognition, video analysis, unmanned driving and remote sensing

ManBangJiTuan Logistics

Nov 25, 2020 series Unknow 1700 million USD

ManBangJiTuan is composed of two companies, Jiangsu Yunman and Guiyang Freight Car Company, which will reduce the empty driving rate of truck drivers and improve the freight efficiency through big data and artificial intelligence to create a super data platform connecting people, cars and goods

WiFi Master key Social Network

May 22, 2015 series Unknow 52 million USD

WiFi Master key was founded in 2013, with the mission of bridging the digital divide and the vision of free Internet access for people all over the world, focusing on providing free Internet access, information reading, tool games and other services to create a one-stop service platform for users to connect to the Internet

Royole Hardware

May 10, 2020 series F 300 million USD

Royole is a developer of flexible display screens and sensors, focusing on the research, development, production and sales of new display and sensors and related electronic products, which are widely used in the next generation of flexible display technologies, including new smart phones, wearable electronic devices based on the Internet of Things and smart homes

MOGO STREET E-commerce

Nov 21, 2015 series D 200 million USD

MOGO STREET, an e-commerce website focusing on fashionable women consumers, provides girls with goods suitable for young women in such fields as clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and beauty makeup

douyu Entertainment

Mar 07, 2018 series Unknow 4000 million USD

douyu is a pop-up live sharing website that provides users with video live broadcasting and event live broadcasting services. Formerly known as ACFUN, it was broadcast live and officially renamed on January 1, 2014. Mainly live games, covering entertainment, variety, sports, outdoor and other live content

Du Xiaoman Finaneial Financial Service

Apr 29, 2018 series Unknow 1900 million USD

Du Xiaoman Finaneial Financial Management is a professional Internet financial management platform owned by Baidu Finance, which currently includes core services such as current financial management, reassuring financial management, growth investment and intelligent investment housekeeping. Among them, the leading current and peace of mind financial products are low-risk products, enabling users to manage their money and invest safely. In addition, Du Xiaoman Finaneial Financial Management also launched an intelligent investment housekeeping service to intelligently recommend a professional asset allocation scheme to help users reasonably manage asset flows and spread investment risks according to users' personalized financial management needs

CLOUDWALK Artificial Intelligence

May 14, 2020 series Unknow 1800 million CNY

CLOUDWALK is an artificial intelligence enterprise dedicated to building computer vision china. The core team has won the world champion of intelligent identification seven times. It has two joint laboratories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiaotong University, providing world-leading face and image detection, analysis and recognition technologies, SDK and API services

TongDunKeJi Artificial Intelligence Corporate Service

Apr 25, 2019 series Unknow 100 million USD

TongDunKeJi is a third-party big data wind control service provider, providing risk control and anti-fraud services based on big data for users in many industries such as banking, insurance, fund management, etc. It has a series of core products with independent intellectual property rights, and supports enterprise-class products and Internet SaaS products to meet the different needs of enterprise risk management

May 10, 2018 series B 260 million USD

CSTONE PHARMACEUTICALS is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of a new generation of therapeutic drugs. It mainly has a product line in five treatment areas, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, blood diseases and autoimmune diseases, with the aim of helping patients solve their clinical needs

ZhiYuXinXi Artificial Intelligence E-commerce

May 28, 2018 series C Hundreds of millions USD

ZhiYuXinXi is a cross-border B2C e-commerce brand, focusing on global women's fashion consumption, selecting brand builder partners endowed with Chinese original fashion, and providing high-quality goods and perfect shopping experience to end consumers in developed countries in Europe and the United States by relying on the new buyer system and precise marketing channels localized in various countries around the world. Zhejiang ZhiYuXinXi technology co., ltd's products

iCarbonX Artificial Intelligence

Apr 12, 2016 series A 1000 million USD

Shenzhen iCarbonX Technology Co., Ltd. was established on October 27, 2015 to create an ecosystem of digital life around consumer's life big data, Internet and artificial intelligence. By the top biotechnology and artificial intelligence team to create a personal health housekeeper, leading a healthy life through the ecosystem of digital life

ninebot Hardware

ninebot is the first domestic operator of intelligent short-distance transportation equipment integrating research and development, production, sales and service, and has been committed to changing the way people travel and even life with intelligence, simplifying the movement of people and things and making life more convenient

HaoXiangJia Transportation

Apr 09, 2017 series Unknow 800 million CNY

HaoXiangJia is a family comfort intelligent system solution provider, focusing on the integrated solution of family comfort intelligent system, covering products related to family comfort temperature, fresh air, healthy water purification, intelligent equipment and so on, and providing users with a comfortable environment overall solution through systematic scheme design, product mix, engineering construction management and other one-stop services

ChuMenWenWen Artificial Intelligence

Mar 28, 2019 series Unknow 100 million CNY

ChuMenWenWen is an artificial intelligence company with independent voice recognition, semantic analysis and vertical search technology in the market. ChuMenWenWen's mission is to define the next generation of human-computer interaction and push the public into the era of artificial intelligence consumption. In wearable, vehicle-mounted and home scenes, ChuMenWenWen has introduced a variety of artificial intelligence hardware and software combination products. All products are linked through multi-scene and full-coverage Chinese virtual personal assistant quizzes

58DaoJia Healthcare E-commerce Artificial Intelligence

Oct 13, 2015 series A 300 million CNY

58DaoJia is an independent business launched in 58 cities, mainly focusing on home-based domestic service O2O, including cleaning, babysitting, maintenance, moving and other living services. In October 2015, it split up and developed independently

XueBaJun Artificial Intelligence

Jan 22, 2017 series C 100 million USD

XueBaJun is a learning platform focusing on online one-on-one tutoring, artificial intelligence and photo search for primary and middle school students. The XueBaJun 1 team strictly selects good teachers from all over the country and customizes personalized learning programs for students, with tutoring covering all subjects of high school, junior high school and primary school. Learning new scene + intelligent big data analysis will make it easier for primary and middle school students to find good teachers suitable for themselves and study more efficiently

Sep 28, 2017 series C 200 million USD

SuiShouKeJi is a mobile internet wealth management platform, which mainly provides users with bookkeeping and wealth management products. It has a variety of wealth management applications such as on-the-go notes, card credit card housekeeping and accompanying housekeeping

WeiJing Hardware

WeiJing Technology is an Internet technology company focusing on home entertainment, focusing on the smart home sector and providing an immersive entertainment experience for a new generation of Chinese families through intelligent terminals and services. The main business scope includes smart TV, smart projection, content services, internet hardware and software, audio equipment, e - commerce, etc

XiaoHuangGou Healthcare

Oct 28, 2018 series Unknow 150 million CNY

XiaoHuangGou is an intelligent recycling platform for renewable resources that can exchange waste products for money. By setting up an intelligent recycling machine in public places to receive waste thrown by citizens in a paid way, and at the same time docking waste recyclers, a complete ecological chain of waste recycling will be formed, contributing to the promotion of social environmental protection and public welfare undertakings Transportation

Feb 08, 2021 series C 367 million USD Technology is a self-driving solution provider. Committed to creating artificial intelligence for robots, the main product is pony AI, which senses its environment based on radar, optical radar, GPS, computer vision and other technologies to achieve the goal of automatic driving

BaTuLu E-commerce Transportation

Jun 30, 2017 series C 100 million USD

BaTuLu is a new type of e-commerce company, dedicated to the vertical application of the Internet in the automotive aftermarket. It has built a B2B e-commerce platform for auto parts " auto parts shop" with all-in-one intelligent online ordering of auto parts. With intelligent transactions and professional services, it has realized the integration of information flow, logistics, capital flow and data flow, and has completed the reconstruction of the value, experience and trading methods of the traditional auto parts industry

Mofang E-commerce

Mar 08, 2019 series D Undisclosed

Mofang is the first chain of centralized long-term apartment operators in China, committed to providing long-term independent living solutions for urban white-collar workers by building a living service platform with apartments as its core, ranking first in the industry

YunNiao Logistics

Feb 12, 2017 series D 100 million USD

Beijing YunNiao Technology Co., Ltd. is an Internet platform dedicated to " city supply chain distribution

VIPABC Education

VIP ABC is the world's first online English teaching organization 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Developed by the core technology team of Silicon Valley in the United States, it realizes the global cloud computing integration service

YHGlobal Logistics

Sep 21, 2017 series Unknow 1200 million CNY

YHGlobal Co., Ltd. is a modern international logistics enterprise growing at a high speed under the background of economic globalization, with 15 molecular companies and 26 offices at home and abroad

DianRongWang Financial Service

Jun 19, 2019 series Unknow 100 million USD

DianRongWang is an Internet lending information service intermediary company that provides innovative financial technology solutions for the Chinese market and focuses on Internet lending information intermediary services