Start-ups that provide programming and IT education for teenagers

With the new tide of Internet age, programming education could start from young. Let's have a look at which start-ups are offering programming and IT education to teenagers.

Updated in November-21, 2018
Codemao Artificial Intelligence Entertainment E-commerce

Nov 22, 2020 series D 1300 million CNY

Codemao is a Chinese online education platform, which focuses on teaching programming to children. The programming cat is a graphic programming tool platform developed by Shenzhen Point Cat Technology Co., Ltd. The programming cat platform is designed based on the learning characteristics of children and the concept of modern Chinese education. Itadopts a different way of creating graphical programming modules than traditional codes and edutainment education concepts through interesting gamification courses and language. The combination of digital and other disciplines allows children to master knowledge in games, quickly understand programming concepts, and exercise their children's logical thinking ability and innovative practical ability.

JiKeChenXing Education

Sep 27, 2019 series A Nearly 100 million CNY

JiKeChenXing is a program education institution for children, mainly for children from grade one to grade seven. It provides interesting programming and programming courses from primary to advanced algorithms. According to the children's situation, the team made four curriculum systems, including visual programming logic concepts, elementary / intermediate algorithms, JS, Python, C and other working languages, as well as the International Advanced Information Olympics

BianWanBianXue Entertainment Education

Aug 18, 2018 series B Tens of millions CNY

BianWanBianXue is a service provider of programming education for teenagers, focusing on providing online programming education services for teenagers aged 7 - 16. It adopts the " harkness Round Table and Small Class" teaching model, including graphic programming, code programming and algorithm programming. At the same time, it has set up a programming content community " Programming Teenagers" to provide users with programming courses, online answering questions, interactive communication and other services, and is committed to cultivating children's programming thinking, innovation and creativity

Coding Garden Education

Oct 09, 2018 series A Tens of millions CNY

Coding Garden is a K12 programming one-on-one teaching platform, integrating teaching contents into novel and interesting graded game tasks, visual cartoon images of knowledge programming, inspiring children to use what they have learned through games, and imperceptibly completing the digestion and absorption of what they have learned

Jul 03, 2018 series Angle Tens of millions CNY

AHa!BianChengXingQiu is a youth programming and education service provider. It provides games, tools and content for children of different ages to learn programming, graphic programming and code programming. Through programming and education, it establishes perfect logical thinking ability for children and promotes their creativity

VipCode Education

Jun 01, 2018 series A 85 million CNY

Vipcode programming is a learning platform for children's programming, which uses self-developed visual programming tools and original " five - screen interactive scene teaching mode" for users aged 6 - 18 years, covering programming languages such as scratch, python, c, c + +, including introduction, foundation, application and expansion of various stages of difficulty. Beijing not branch education technology co., ltd

Bell Laboratories Education

Apr 23, 2018 series Angle 4 million CNY

Little Bell Laboratories is a program education service provider for children, dedicated to developing and sharing scientific experiment courses and recreational activities suitable for children aged 4 - 12. The laboratory introduced the advanced STEAM curriculum system in the United States, covering the fields of physics, chemistry, technology, engineering, mathematics, biology, astronomy, earth, computer and so on. At present, there are 8 direct camps in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shenyang, Changchun and other places

codekid Education

Jun 14, 2018 series Angle 5 million CNY

codekid is the first company in China to teach children programming in the form of entertaining games. Through careful research and development of STEAM ( science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics ) innovative teaching plans as an inspiration path, using programming as a tool, building artificial intelligence science popularization platform, and cultivating elite children with global vision, comprehensive knowledge and 4C abilities ( creativity, determination, criticism, and communication

one code Education

Jun 26, 2018 series Seed Millions CNY

one code is a technology company that carries out children's programming education around informatics Othello. Informatics Othello ( hereinafter referred to as " Shino" ) is one of the five disciplines competition, which runs through the three school-age stages of primary school, junior high school and senior high school. one code now has a complete course system and online teaching platform

HeTaoBianCheng Education

Mar 25, 2021 series C 200 million USD

HeTaoBianCheng is a child programming education service provider, helping children learn programming knowledge through introductory courses, advanced courses and small classes in the thinking workshop, and adapting science knowledge from Ivy League schools in the United States to provide relevant education courses for users from the perspective of children

DaErHouShaoErBianCheng Entertainment

Aug 24, 2018 series Angle Millions CNY

Big Ear Monkey is a fun programming service provider for children. It takes CSTA 2016 computers in primary and secondary schools in the United States as its teaching syllabus, based on game-based and level-based learning, to help students master basic knowledge and skills of programming in the process of game entry, cultivate children's data - based, logical and systematic way of thinking, and train innovative thinking and practical ability

WeiLaiKeJiXueTang Education

Oct 15, 2018 series Angle Millions CNY

Children's programming education is a science and technology education platform with programming education as its core and STEAM education as its main theme. By constructing a complete teaching and research system, it focuses on technology and innovation in the cutting-edge science and technology fields such as programming, STEM, artificial intelligence and life science